Ammani Notebook

Musings of an emigrated writer

Who am I?

Susanne Döring, born in Germany more than fifty years ago, ex-lawyer, writer (although still unpublished, but I think writing makes me a writer as well as a blogger) and other things. I live in Amman, Jordan and I love the sunshine in this place, the feeling of life here, the wake-up-call in the morning, my family, my pets, books ….

This is not my first blog. But the first one in English language, so everybody out there gets a fair chance to read. My English is far from perfect, so I will be thankful to have my mistakes pointed out.

I left Germany more than six years ago, returned once for some months and twice for family visits – but the longer I am away the more I feel estranged. Or, I am still writing in German – and that would mean for the German readers and I am not sure if they will want to read what I write or if I still want to write for them. And then I wonder how others did this or do it.  Then I feel I should write about it – but how far advanced is my ability to express my thoughts and feelings in a language that I learned sometime on my way, use most of the time but still makes me feel that I do not master it completely? So, before I start investing too much time in longer works, I decided to give blogging in English a first try after only using it for participating in discussions about writing. Feedback is most welcome.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcome to the world of blogging in English. Always good to met another fellow blogger living in Jordan. There are a few of us now and I love reading about other expats experiences living in the Middle East. A couple of blogs you might like to check out are and – these two blogs are by Melissa and they are a great read and she has some beautiful photos. and are also great reads. A great foody blog written by a lovely Jordanian women is
    I love how blogging is introducing me to so many new wonderful people!

  2. rheinsberg says:

    Thank you for your comment and the links, I will check them out. I just loved your blog, also your pictures are marvelous. I did not expect to find more bloggers, I searched last year and did not find any. Maybe wordpress did not show them to me because I only changed to completely English setting.
    I hope we will read more from each other. I understand you do not live in Amman – so it will be much interesting for me to learn about life in other parts of the country, sometimes I feel most people I meet online live in Amman.

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