Ammani Notebook

Musings of an emigrated writer

I was very pleased when Diane De Bella chose one of my pieces for her anthology. Now it is available not only as ebook, but also in print. For me, reason to do some advertisement here, because I always doubted I could get anything published in english language. Thank you, Diane!

Remember that  7th day of September. The dry sentence of the white clad doctor in the morning after the last test results came in. Carcinoma in the liver with metastasis growth in the lungs. Like this. No more.  Doctors seem to be cowards. No information about what will happen, how much time will we have …

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One of these days I wrote in my German Writer’s forum: You don’t need to invent much actually if you want to write a thriller – just write about what is happening and everybody will say it is unrealistic. No, I am not talking about Prism or the UK-listeners. In Germany there are at least …

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