Ammani Notebook

Musings of an emigrated writer

is not passing. It’s running. I never went back to writing or blogging after the last entry. I put small sentences on twitter, but mostly even there only retweet or like – after translating for hours no words of my own left in my head, that’s what it feels like. Too little time to think my own thoughts.

Still – I’m not complaining. The work I do gives my family and me the chance for a better life, including some help for others. It also feeds my cats. This year I had less work but due to so many things happening at home I still did not get around doing some of my own stuff. But it was fun, seeing more of the family after two years of deferred travel – although I am wary, I know the pandemic is not over. Untilnow we escaped rather lucky. May it stay like this.

As I had to go back to search for new work I took more time to read about new books, new authors and found more books to read myself – or to put on my endless wishlist. But I also managed to read new books – I hope I’ll get to put some short comments about the best of them here. Knowing how much work every author puts into their books I’ll only write about the ones I loved. I might have read others but will not criticize them.

Paws crossed – as say the twitter cats – that I will manage this time to put some new content here.

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