Ammani Notebook

Musings of an emigrated writer

Actually two of my WiPs contain visits to Mekkah and Medinah – one has the title of “Dreaming of Medinah”. The other one – which I wrote about last week on my German language blog as both are unfortunately again in German – is at the point, where the two main characters, very different sisters, have gone to visit Medina and among the last sentences I wrote last Thursday was: Tomorrow, Mekkah.

Not two hours later I got a phone call from the local Saudi Embassy and knew that this year, finally, I would be granted a visa for Hadj. Since then I am trying to concentrage, running in circles in order to remember all the essentials.

Living in Jordan you have the choice to travel by plane or over land by bus. I had been thinking about flying rather, I am not getting any younger, but as the visa came late there are waiting lists for the flight tickets plus there is a considerable price difference … so I will take the long road and be able to really feel Medinah and then Mekkah coming closer and closer, inshaAllah.

The above picture was taken by my husband on his last Umrah; I don’t think I will take many pictures, being too busy with more important things.

Thank you for reading; if you like make dua for my Hadj being accepted and my safe return.

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