Ammani Notebook

Musings of an emigrated writer

I did not write any more since my account of Miss Grey’s hunting. Miss Grey, by the way, has been out since 2 am and not returned back today, which is a first – I am worried.

As to my not writing – yes, a bug was the reason. Neither spider nor cockroach, but one of the unhealthy type: gastro-enteritic Virus, that came over the whole family and had me crash  down for four days. Only today I was in the mood to enjoy my morning tea and some more. Awful. Sometimes, just holding my laptop on my knees was too much and I retired to watch TV – always a good method to sleep as I never find anything interesting. Or if, usually it is the last few scenes of a nice film.

Today, getting better. Lots of things to take care of that just were kept in line, like my language lessons, housework … and then some. Hate it.

Still, had time to read, one YA-novel in German, by a collegue, nice read, and then Rutherford’s “New York”. Like with most of Michener’s novels I wonder what amount of research it must take to get this sort of book that good – history of a place running over centuries (although I must say, “Sarum” was more of this).

And now? Weekend for the family starts after noon, so I’d better be going.

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